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Garden of Life Primal Defense

Inside your body, and in your digestive system, a battle is taking place between good and bad bacteria. There are billions of them that are fighting to co-exist and whoever wins that battle will have a huge impact on your digestive health and overall immune system. According to health experts, 80 percent of the overall immunity of the human body relies on the balance existing within the harmful and beneficial bacteria inside your digestive tract. It is something that should concern you if you want to maintain good health and well being at all times.

Probiotics are living microorganisms present in various health supplements such as the Garden of Life Primal Defense. Probiotics are also believed to play a critical role in fostering balance between good and bad bacteria in the body to avoid health problems that are associated with any imbalance.

These live probiotics can be found in the intestinal tract wherein they help boost digestive and immune function. How is that possible? First off, increasing the levels of probiotics in your system by consuming supplements like Garden of Life Primal Defense is believed to supercharge one’s immunity system with the increase of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract. Secondly, they help in eliminating toxins that have built up inside your body to ensure that the digestive system is functioning properly. Thirdly, they help to regulate normal bowel function and support normal absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Increasing the amount of probiotics in your body is possible with a diet that consists of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fermented products. However, the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in farming practices and all the pasteurized and irradiated foods may have the beneficial microorganisms destroyed before the foods reach your table. If you are not getting enough raw organic foods and fermented foods like yoghurt in your diet, you should consider taking daily supplements to give your digestive health a boost.

Sadly, not everyone has the time to carefully plan out their meals and guarantee that all essential nutrients are provided to maintain the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Taking daily probiotic supplements is therefore the most convenient way to promote the number of friendly bacteria in your system, especially if you are unable to enrich your diet.

Garden of Life Primal Defense is a probiotic supplement that offers a broad-spectrum formula to boost the amount of beneficial bacteria inside your body. It mainly focuses on introducing the kind of probiotics that promotes the integrity within the intestinal lining and avoid potential digestive problems. At the same time, it regulates your bowel function and revitalizes your immunity system.

There are several forms of probiotic supplements in the market, so you need to choose carefully before deciding which to buy. Beware of synthetic supplements because they are not nearly as effective as natural forms of supplements, such as Garden of Life Primal Defense. The latter is a whole food supplement, which also offers vitamins and phytonutrients aside from increasing the amount of probiotics in your digestive tract.

If you do not eliminate toxins off your body or strive for balance in your digestive system, you could end up feeling sluggish and suffer from a wide range of digestive or immunity problems. Garden of Life Primal Defense is a supplement created to make the process of taking care of your body and overall immunity that much easier.


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