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Garden of Life Vitamins

Garden of Life's vision is to change the way people eat and view nutrition. They have several product lines that are developed for specific health conditions.

Digestive Health
Garden of Life®
has set the industry standard with regard to digestive support supplements. Their products include dietary fibre, probiotic blend, digestive enzymes and alkalizing minerals for heartburn relief. These products were designed to support the gastrointestinal tract in its role of digestion and assimilation.  Primal Defense is one of the most popular Garden of Life products

Foundational Nutrition
Foundational Nutrition by Garden of Life provides a full line of supplements including essential oils, antioxidants and green foods.  These products are specifically formulated with high quality ingredients to deliver the building blocks and essential elements of nutrition that are fundamental to your body’s health and well-being

Immunity Support
Garden of Life Immune Support provides unique formulations for joint and immune support.

Living Nutrients
Garden of Life® Living Nutrients products are among the most comprehensive whole food vitamin and mineral supplements you can buy. Of the hundreds of multivitamins available, only Living Nutrient formulations combine a multitude of whole food concentrates with important vitamins and minerals in the form of Homeostatic™ Nutrient Complexes.

Optimal Wellness
Garden of Life® Optimal Wellness products draw from the potential of whole foods and botanicals to enhance overall health and well-being.


New! Garden of Life Vitamin Code - Raw Multivitamin Supplement

The Vitamin Code is a RAW, living whole food multivitamin, a breakthrough in multivitamin supplements.

The benefits of Raw Foods:

1) Raw foods contain all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and phytonutrients, many of these are lost in heating and processing.

2) Raw foods provide higher levels of the 45 nutrients we need to supply our bodies every day, especially the co-factors such as probiotics and enzymes. 

3) A complete package of vitamins, minerals and co-factors is necessary for the body to maximize the nutrient potential of raw food.

Vitamin Code raw formulas are uncooked, untreated, minimally processed, and contain live enzymes and probiotics – delivering to you the ultimate in raw, whole food nutrition. They contain no binders and no fillers. Every ingredient in the product has nutritive value, making the Vitamin Code multivitamins 100% Active.

Vitamin Code are being sold in Vitamin Shoppe and Vitacost with a 25% discount right now.


Buy Garden of Life vitamins and supplements:

1) House of Nutrition (25% off)

2) Vitamin Shoppe (25-45% off)

3) iHerb (25-40% off) - $5 off first order using code "WAN045"














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